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Lipa na M-Pesa Online API

This service (Lipa na M-Pesa Online) leverages on the powerful retention of the mobile Operator. STK Push allowes Mobile Operators to reach their users through the Push Technology.

STK Push provides customers a chance to purchase items online. Customers select the items they want to pay for and pay with STK Push at the checkout point.

The customer only needs to key in their mobile number and they will receive an STK Push notification on their mobile phone to validate the transaction using their M-PESA PIN. The total cost for the items purchased online is deducted from the customers M-PESA account.

To use service, you will need to provide us with the a Pay bill or Buy Goods number being paid to.


API Request

Make payment through your application by making a HTTP POST request to the endpoint above.

In addition to the API standard request headers, the body of the request should contain the following fields:

Parameter Type Description Example
short_code String Organization’s shortcode receiving the transaction; should be registered with us. 888555
phone_number String The subscriber's phone number (subscriber making the payment) in international format. 254721553678
amount String The amount being transacted in Kenya Shillings. 2000
bill_ref_number String A unique id passed by your third party system (optional – only for Pay bill payments). QWERT

Sample API request

// credentials from your developer account
$consumerKey = "568473daf6614cb196caeb5f8805985f";
$consumerSecret = "5a07f41de16e40e4b08b4001142a5a10";
$auth = base64_encode($consumerKey . ":" . $consumerSecret);

$curl = curl_init();

curl_setopt_array($curl, array(
  CURLOPT_URL => '',
      "phone_number": "254721553678",
      "short_code": "709345",
      "amount": "2000",
      "bill_ref_number": "QWERT"
        "Authorization: Basic $auth",
        "Content-Type: application/json"

$response = curl_exec($curl);

echo $response;

API response

The body of the response will be a JSON object containing the following fields:

Parameter Type Description Example
status_code Number The status code of the transaction. 200
description String The status description of the transaction. Operation successful
request_id String The unique reference number as assigned by the Statum API 35235f08c981474abd388755ed43a427

Sample API response payload

    "status_code": 200,
    "description": "Operation successful.",
    "request_id": "35235f08c981474abd388755ed43a427"

API result

The Lipa na Mpesa online API sends a notification when a specific event happens. To receive these notifications you need to setup a callback URL on your developer account.

The POST parameters that will be passed will be as follows:

Parameter Type Description Example
request_id String The unique reference number as assigned by the our API Rw20180307054639H4adfKDJDKQ7H
result_code String The result code of the transaction. 200
result_desc String The result description of transaction status. Processed Successfully
third_party_trans_id String The reference number as assigned by the mobile money provider HR8584JDJD
short_code String The Paybill number or Till number being paid to 888555
transaction_time String The date and time stamp of the transaction 2017-05-18 18:23:23
account_balance String The Paybill, Buygoods account balance 34000.00
bill_ref_number String The account number as entered by the subscriber. (optional – only for Paybill payments). QWERT
phone_number String The subscriber's phone number (subscriber making the payment) 2547*****149
customer_name String The name of the subscriber who made the payment John
amount String The transaction amount 200

Sample API result payload

  "result_code": "200",
  "result_desc": "Processed Successfully",
  "request_id": "35235f08c981474abd388755ed43a427",
  "phone_number": "2547*****149",
  "customer_name": "James",
  "amount": "2000",
  "short_code": "888555",
  "bill_ref_number": "QWERT",
  "third_party_trans_id": "HR8584JDJD",
  "account_balance": "34000.00",
  "transaction_time": "2017-05-18 18:23:23"
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